1. Better picture bc ??????

    Better picture bc ??????

  2. My knee????

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    Get to know Rooster Teeth

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    • me: [walking past music store]
    • me: [bREATHES HEAVILY]
    • mom: no
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More from Jack Antonoff shoot for Billboard. This time Jack gets all snugly with his jumper…


    More from Jack Antonoff shoot for Billboard. This time Jack gets all snugly with his jumper…

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    god bless you xkit

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    Patrick’s story before Grand Theft Autumn at Monumentour in Burgettstown, PA on July 3, 2014.

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I’m crying
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    I tend to laugh when people ask who I’m texting because I don’t text anyone I’m just on tumblr

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    After Fred died George developed a line of Cheering Chocolates, Nightmare Nougat and Memory Mallow for himself and others with PTSD. 

    Eventually he expanded the line to Safe Silent Sparklers for those with sound sensitivities or triggers and Trigger Talismans which vibrate and block out sound when a trigger is said so that the wearer can leave. 


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    Things Dumbledore Did That’d Be Creepy If You Did them

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    thnks fr bl rbbts fckng

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    when I got my wisdom teeth removed last year I remember after the surgery I was convinced for a solid 4 minutes I was sonic the hedgehog and I was crying because my parents wouldnt let me go fast

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    Do you ever write a line that just makes you sit back for a second and go

    hot damn

    I wrote that

    that line is so good

    if I was a famous writer hipsters would probably get that tattooed on their biceps, that line’s so good

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KAMA SUTRA For Each Zodiac Sign!
How To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Signs Being Drunk
If Each Zodiac Sign Was a Drug
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